Top 10 Most Depressing Cities – The top 10 most depressing cities in the US, is a very surprising list of the most difficult and depressing places to live.

Top 10 Most Depressing Cities in the Us is a surprising list

The top 10 most depressing cities is based on suicide rate, unemployment rates, overall quality of life and the number of individual prescriptions filled for antidepressants.

Most expensive city in the US is, of course, New York City

The most expensive city in the country is New York City and you might think that with the crowded city life, winter and high cost of living it would be in the top 5 most depressing, but it’s not even in the top 60 cities.

The most depressing cities is a surprising list of unexpected places

There is an interesting fact associated with the most depressing cities. Nine out of the 10 are where most people consider to be great places to live based on the weather, no winters, lots of sunshine and beautiful people.

New York City is the most expensive city to live in in the US

Only one city is generally know as a tough place, both economically and weatherwise, to live in in the top 10 and it certainly is a depressing place. But the other cities have lots of sunshine, outdoor activities, with things to do like sightseeing, music and gaming, hardly depressing sounding places.

Give us your opinion on why you think these are such depressing places to live and what city do you think should be included in the 10. Go to the comment section below and let us know what you think.

The top 10:

10)Las Vegas, Nevada

9) Reno, Nevada

8) Miami, Florida

7) Birmingham, Alabama

6) St Louis, Missouri

5) Louisville, Kentucky

4) Tampa, Florida

3) Memphis, Tennessee

2) Detroit, Michigan

1) St Petersburg, Florida

Does it seem odd that there are three of the top 10 are in Florida? Perhaps that has to do with the large percentage of the population in Florida that are retired, in their “golden” years and on living a fixed income. Why Las Vegas and Reno, both in Nevada, with legalized gambling…too many depressed “losers”?

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