Prince Harrys Real Dad – Speculation still circulates over the identity of Prince Harrys real dad and many feel the physical resemblance to James Hewitt is uncanny therefore he must be the baby daddy.

Prince Harrys Real Dad is questionable by some

After the death of Princess Diana over a decade ago, claims surfaced that Prince Harry’s real dad was Diana’s lover and if so, Harry might not be a Windsor nor could he ever be in line for the throne.

Prince Harrys Father has some wondering who the baby daddy is

Everyone would be shocked to discover that Prince Harrys father may not be Prince Charles, what do you think based on these pictures alone?

Real Dad Prince Harry what is your conclusion

Diana was a gutsy young woman who clearly was unhappy in her relationship with Charles, but she was also a tad reckless when it came to extra-marital affairs. Diana and Hewitt separately denied he was Harry’s father, saying they didn’t even meet until two years after Harry was born in 1984. But witnesses report otherwise and say they really met in 1981 and were, in fact, lovers by January 1984. That’s nine months before Harry’s birth.

Dad Real Prince Harrys

Harry volunteered to take a DNA test, something Queen Elizabeth II would not endorse. What would really change? He would never be banished from the royal family and Charles would always love him as his own. So why stir up all those emotions and cause heartache?

That’s the latest photo gallery buzz from England and we might never know some secret’s of the royal family and especially who is Prince Harrys Real Dad.