Mom Prom Fundraising Ideas – The challenges of finding a fun way to raise money for a worthy cause can be frustrating but listen to these mom prom fundraising ideas and be on your way to scheduling something women would love to attend.

Mom Prom Fundraising Ideas for ways to make money for charity

Fundraising ideas are plentiful but these mom prom suggestions are guaranteed to be a money-maker and crowd pleaser.

Mom Prom Party Ideas that help you raise money for a terrific cause

Mom prom party ideas for fundraising include finding the right location and atmosphere, music, dress and camaraderie. What moms don’t need to find are a date and that’s the part they love the most! We’re talking ladies night out!

Fundraising Ideas Mom Prom

These ladies-only gatherings encourage women to dive into their closets and pull out their old, that is if they can still fit into it, prom, bridesmaid and perhaps wedding dresses.

Music should be “dated” but in a good way, going back to the 70′s, 80′s or 90′s. It’s a night of dancing, legal drinking and reminiscing all for a good cause.

Mom prom fundraising parties are spreading across the country in support of cancer research and other charitable groups. Women of all ages, and no it’s not a prerequisite to be a mom, are cutting lose and making friends all while having a blast supporting a worthy cause.

Some like to make it a sort of challenge as to who has the “tackiest” dress of the night. Admit it, chiffon and sequins are out as well as the puffy sleeves and big hair. But this would be the time to relive some memories and breakout that dress in storage so the kids can see what mom was all about and charities can benefit from the night of great fun.

Mom proms are perfect fundraisers and ideas for locations would include church halls, hotel ballrooms and local school gyms. Private schools often get behind charitable foundations and would support such an effort.

Admission should be kept within reason so more ladies will come, usually the cost is between $10-$25. A local band might volunteer their services, but if not, a DJ will spin those songs from yesteryear.

Keep it fun with door prizes, a photographer with a crazy backdrop and music that makes folks want to boogie all night long. Suggest that if someone can’t buy a ticket due to scheduling conflicts, then offer sponsorship tickets so someone else can have a blast.

Attendees can also submit pictures of themselves at their real prom which would be used in a slide show montage during the event. Talk about fun stuff!

Don’t forget to have a tiara on hand for the queen of the prom. Criteria for becoming prom queen could be service orientated depending on the charity being sponsored.

Remember at this event it’s cool to be ugly and dated so party hard, have some laughs and raise your glasses to your favorite fundraiser recipient.

Do you still have your old prom dress in the attic and if so, would you be willing to wear it?

That’s our latest party planning and entertainment suggestions when it comes to Mom Prom Fundraising Ideas.