COSMOPOLITAN’S $50,000 CAR SWEEPSTAKES – Enter for free to win the COSMOPOLITAN’S $50,000 CAR SWEEPSTAKES for your chance to win the grand prize $50,000 CASH!

Cosmopolitan's $50,000 car sweepstakes gives you the chance to win $50,000 cash

The COSMOPOLITAN’S $50,000 CAR SWEEPSTAKES winner will receive all that money to use on whatever you want to spend it on because it’s cash, not a car!

National sweepstakes are a fun way to win cash and prizes

This national sweepstakes is also called the Dream Fund Sweepstakes and can be entered online and lasts until January 31, 2014. Go online and fill out the entry form and you will be automatically entered to win the contest.

Online contest and sweepstakes from Cosmopolitan Magazine called $50,000 car sweepstakes

This is one of the easiest online contest and sweepstakes out there. Cosmo is calling it the car sweepstakes but you can take your winnings and buy a car, take a vacation, pay off bills, go on a wild spending spree or buy stock in a few good companies and make even more money!

When you full out the entry form, Cosmopolitan will also send you a complimentary issue that’s yours to keep. If you don’t wish to subscribe to further issues, simply write cancel on the bull when it comes and mail it back to them.

You are still entered in the contest as there is no purchase required. Simply enter online at Cosmopolitan magazine’s website.

One entry per day per household and you can enter as long as you are 13 years old or older. The Sponsor of this Promotion is Hearst Communications, Inc., 300 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

Good luck and we hope you win the contest. If you do, please email Bestpictblog and let us know and we will interview you and publish your story about how much fun it was and tell everyone what you did with the winnings!

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